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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


The Worst in the world today comes with the second edition of the worst editions of Photoshop. We use the term "Photoshop" for being the most widely used program for photo retouching, not all images have been published here with the program, in fact, some are so poorly done that I think were particularly made ​​in software as "Paint "Windows.

If it were not fun, it would be tragic, these photos are envy any serial murderer: the neck displaced upper and lower limbs, take the trophy any contortionist and challenge the  ghosts with the appearance of body parts without their owner. Check out:

 I started with Big Head:

 Model great big head, because I do not know her name.

KELLY OSBOURNE - I think they cut his head and put that body, because she is not skinny, result: big head

ZAC EFRON - Cabezón, is what they do to fit in the magazine cover. Why not do the same with the head too?

Disaster in the Neck:

Giraffe cool ..

Terrible Edition

lol, neck as thick as a weightlifter

What? Your neck starts in the chest?

Displaced members: arms, legs that look like they are
separated from the body.

Neck typewriter carriage, blin!

Displaced Members: arms, legs that seem to
separated from the body.

This seems to have nothing, right?
but look at the arm much lower than the other.

Uuuuu, The leg that come from the ground ...

Leg displaced

Body parts and other ghosts: legs, arms, hands without an owner.
Here are a bunch of hands and fingers ghosts

Another ghost h

Here, erased arm:

Ghost hand


Shadows and Vampires: when shadows and reflections in the issue, shows buggy 

Please, where is the reflection of guy? He is a vampire?

8 gigabytes on the image and 4 gigabytes in the mirror: they are vampires remaining 4 gigabytes?

The shadow of the hip she is more chubby ...

Look at the snitch shadow again


Is Felipe de Borbón, Prince of Asturias (Spain)
Not escapes from the photoshop, you see.

The Kardashians have  the same tall?

Look good on the legs of lda Minister Charme Chacón

Finger (Where is it?) of Natalie Portman

The Olivia Palermo leg

Do you want more?

To ask, to suggestions, send photos, videos  e-mail to:

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Michelle G said...

nice examples. We are watching you closely.

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